Inspiring Faith, Hope and Love

The challenges that we face in life have the unique ability to either paralyze us, stunt us or grow us. We choose the way we face our challenges. We can put our head in the sand and ignore what is before us, we can wallow in our pain or we can stand up and fight. Our challenges come in many faces, forms and experiences. Some may come about all at once, while others may linger over time. One thing is certain, we will all face challenges, disappointments and fear.  The question becomes, HOW will you meet the challenges or obstacles in your life? What principles do you stand on in times of adversity?

The mission of Sadie Strong is to inspire Faith, Hope and Love to EVERYONE we encounter.  During these unthinkably challenging times, I encourage you to stand on FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. We have to be the examples for the world to see. Let us do our part to affect a positive change. Say it with me, “Change starts with ME.” Let us be a light in darkness and a rainbow in this cloud of despair. Stand firm on Faith, Hope and Love! Be a blessing and be blessed!

FAITH removes limitations.

HOPE breeds expectation.

LOVE begets LOVE.